The Mainstream___________________________

Wall Street Journal This is what the people who run the world read.
The Washington Post This is read by the people who think they run the world.
The New York Times The largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States.
The Economist The magazine equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.
Foreign Affairs Published by the Council on Foreign Relations.
The New Yorker A well-known channel for writers like Seymour Hersh.
BBC World News Has stories that are not always reported by U.S. outlets.
The Guardian Has stories that are not always reported by the BBC.

News Metadata____________________________

CJR: Who Owns What Listings of major media companies.

Independent Sources of Information___________

Democracy Now! Daily award-winning news program.
Naked Capitalism Yves Smith presiding.
Zero Hedge On a long enough timeline...
Alternet Amplifies other independent media sources.
Cryptome Welcomes documents that are prohibited by governments.
WikiLeaks WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation.
Public Intelligence Aggregating the work of independent researchers.
Project Censored News that's underreported and misrepresented.
SourceWatch Come watch the great propaganda machine in action.
PBS Frontline A good source for in-depth analysis.
Bill Moyers Journal Features concise and insightful reporting.
Mother Jones Smart, fearless, journalism (you can say that again).
FAIR Well-documented media criticism.
FAS Secrecy Blog Secrecy News from the Federation of American Scientists.
The National Security Archive Lots and lots of declassified documents.
Declassified Documents A portal to declassified information.
WhoWhatWhy Reporting that is rigorous, relentless and scientific.

Deep Politics _______________________________

WikiSpooks An encyclopedia of deep politics.
Counterpunch Tells the Facts, Names the Names. Follow the money trail.
Noam Chomsky Articles, interviews, and letters by this MIT Professor.
Peter Dale Scott Known for his rigorous investigation of Deep Politics.
Chris Hedges Senior fellow at The Nation Institute.
Greg Palast Freelance journalist for the BBC.
Matt Taibbi Contributing editor for Rolling Stone.
Paul Craig Roberts Former associate editor for The Wall Street Journal.
James Petras Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University.
Third World Traveler An archive on American democracy & foreign policy.
Spitfire List Site maintained by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory.
Adbusters A magazine dedicated to culture jamming.
Global Research A research and media organization based in Montreal.

Hi-Tech News_______________________________

Slashdot "News for nerds. Stuff that matters."
Wired The New Yorker for the technically inclined.
IEEE Spectrum Monthly publication by the IEEE.

Hi-Tech Security News________________________

Dick Destiny An accidental national security expert.
Brian Krebs In-depth security news and investigation. The inner sanctum of Moxie Marlinspike.
US-CERT Security Alerts Advisories issued by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Security: Research Publications_________________

Phrack One of the original repositories of hacker lore.
2600 The Hacker Quarterly

Security: Reversing_____________________________ Dmitry Vostokov: debugging black belt
Wheaty Productions, Inc. The homepage of Matt Pietrek Reverse-engineering links
Linkers and Loaders Book Useful when working with the PE file format.